Frontier Frustration

Just want to make a note on the frustration trying to setup a new network for the house I am moving in from Frontier.


Tried to open a new account on line – filled a bunch of forms only to fail on credit check because the system cannot verify me – understandable, since I was not associated with the address yet.

Called customer service, a nice lady did the whole form-filling process again only to fail on the same spot. She said nothing she could do, but a different team would contact me in 24-48 hrs to confirm and that should be quick and easy. So far so good.


Waited and nothing happened.


Waited and no call still.

Called back only to find the order was dropped. Had to go over the form-filling with a lady on the phone again and stop at the same verification spot. Now this lady said instead of letting me wait another 24-48 hrs, she would forward me to the verification team immediately. Good customer service.┬áThe verification lady had some this issue and that issue, but finally said it’s all done and I should receive a confirmation email soon.


No email or what so ever. Nothing. I had to action again. Found a way to track order status on frontier website and turned out the order was still “in-progress”. So had to call in again.

Now this lady said I need a verification form, downloadable from such and such. Downloaded the form, copied driver’s license and emailed back. And wait.


Still nothing. Had to call in again for the forth time. Now this gentlemen didn’t even know there are different verification forms for different states. Nothing can be done until the form is processed, said he. And verification process takes 24-48 hrs. So had to continue waiting. Wow. Thanks Frontier.