OneDrive dead

I have been using OneDrive from its debut, when it was called SkyDrive. There has been some minor glitches, but generally it has been working as expected. The worst case was that I have to delete my local OneDrive folder and resync everything from the cloud. Well, until today.

Somehow, my OneDrive is getting into a state that no sync (upload or download) will happen at all. The “delete local folder and resync” trick won’t fix it either. It stucks at “Processing changes” and nothing will happen. This is happening on multiple PCs with Win7 and Win10.

10-19-2015 10-49-19 AM

Even the web browser client has issues. I can open files directly on web brwoser, but cannot delete anything.

10-19-2015 11-09-10 AM

Time to say Farewell to yet another cloud storage. (Yes, the other cloud storage that failed me is SugarSync.) I guess for the time being I will just fall back to the good old portable hard drive.